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Astropic Eye Patch

3D Silk Eye Patch for Kids Boys Glasses (Blue Astronaut, Left Eye)

3D Silk Eye Patch for Kids Boys Glasses (Blue Astronaut, Left Eye)

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🌈 👀 Unlock Maximum Fun for Kids: Let them choose their own vibrant patches! 

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📌 Friendly Reminder

This eye patch is designed to cover the left eye and can be worn on the left side of the eyeglasses to correct the right eye.

For kids who need to cover the right eye, please kindly find our 3D Kids Eye Patches (Right Eye Coverage).

🔎 Description

👌 If you're having trouble patching your little one's eye, the Astropic 3D eyeglasses patch can help.

😇 No more pain and tears when it comes to wearing this patch. - This eyepatch is specially designed to be gentle and comfortable.

It's perfect for children with lazy eye, amblyopia, strabismus, and those who need patching after surgery.

🎁 The package includes one piece of 3D glasses eyepatch and a plastic storage case.

📍 Features

✅ The patch is designed to occlude the left eye and can be worn on the left side of the glasses to correct the right eye.

✅ The upgraded 3D contoured design provides effective patching treatment, blackout protection, good coverage, and no light leakage.

✅ Both sides of the patch are made with 100% mulberry silk, which is natural, hypoallergenic, breathable, and super soft against kids' delicate skin.

✅ The burden-free over-glasses design is non-adhesive and does not cause any irritation to the eye. It does not pull on the glasses, and no thick pad touches the eyelid.

✅ This patch is washable and reusable, making it an eco-friendly choice. It comes with a carrying case for clean storage and easy transportation.

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💖 Upgrade to the Astropic 3D eye patch today and experience a healthier and safer choice for your kid's patching treatment.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Clayton Sherman

Stays put and is comfortable for my 6 year old to get his patch time in

Jeffrey Ellis
Fit well and block light great

My son has an eye that is weak. His optometrist recommended putting a patch over his strong eye to force the weaker one to work better. We tried adhesive patches and they sucked. They were hard to remove and irritated his skin so we replaced them with this patch. The material is soft and doesn't scratch his glasses. It fits snug but not tight and effectively blocks light. Exactly what the doctor ordered. The picture shows my 9 year old son with it and fits wonderful.


Cómodo suave y lo mejor no es desechable fácil de lavar , mi niño le gusto

Alexandra Sinatra
Perfect for my 3 year old!

No need for the stick on patches that my son hates when he goes to the eye doctor. This slips over his frames easily and does a great job of blocking completely. The fun design is great and overall this has made patch time so much easier!!


Nos encantó, ahorras mucho a que si comprarás parches desechables, son cómodos, son una excelente opción