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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  This eyepatch has changed my life!

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on April 10, 2020

Size: Medium (Pack of 1)   Color: Pure Black   Verified Purchase
I have only given a handful of reviews...ever!
I received my eyepatch and immediately put it on. I absolutely love that it covers the whole lens on one side and extends to cover the side for peripheral vision block!
An eyepatch that covered just the lens, but not the side and peripheral view would be useless to me. This patch is awesome and so soft! I will be buying more!

The problem with my eye:
Three months after my kidney transplant in 2016, I had a complete retinal detachment & a complete tear of my retina, in my left eye. So I wasn’t a candidate for the bubble surgery that can sometimes save eyesight. Instead I had surgery where they filled my eye with oil. I did not get any vision back, just a complete blur of everything in that eye. Within two years I developed a full cataract in the same eye. That happens when they have to fill the eye with oil.

I am going to have to have the cataract surgery soon. But in the meantime this eyepatch has changed my life! I wish I would have looked more into eyepatches in the last three years! After the retinal surgery not only do I have the cataract, but I developed several painful cysts on that left eye. I tried a few eyepatches... one that you tape over your eye and the commonly used pirate type eyepatch. Neither worked for me, and the pirate one gave me terrible headaches because of the head band. Not good for someone who already has headaches!

I think the other serious health complications after transplant, kept me from being able to focus on my eye.
My immune system being is so compromised that I usually get infections that often become septic and life-threatening. So trying to figure out some solution to help with the terrible pain & sensitivities in my left eye, from just having it open every day definitely took a backseat.

To understand how this has changed my life in such a short time, I have to explain that every day my eye would Hurt so bad as I tried to do anything. It hurt watching TV and I definitely had a big problem looking at my phone screen. it also caused problems for my good eye, like double vision. I have just dealt with the pain.

I live on the water in a condo in Panama City Beach... or we have some of the most beautiful white sand beaches. I am so proud to have bought our small home, as a single mom who is disabled. Before all of the problems with my eye, I could watch dolphins swimming by and hunting and playing in my backyard! The pelicans are probably the funniest! I would take so many photos and really got into photography.

That all stopped when my eye became too sensitive to light and that only added to the terrible eye pain! So for the last two years I have sat on my couch with dark curtains closed.
It has been so dark in the living room.
I could hear the boats going by and people having fun on their Jetski’s, etc. but I just couldn’t open the curtains.

Today the curtains are open! When I put my eyepatch on my glasses (I got the color black) I immediately noticed a huge difference! And as the hours went by I noticed I had almost no pain in that eye! It used to get really dry and I would spend tons of money on eyedrops and I haven’t had to use any eyedrops in it yet! My son was excited and he wanted to see if opening the curtains would be too much. It wasn’t!

I imagine that when I do get my cataract surgery after the coronavirus shut down, that this eyepatch will be perfect for after surgery too! As I am writing this, I just watched some dolphins swimming by! I can now watch the sunrise and not just the sunset!

If you are having problems with a sensitive or painful eye, or something similar, I hope you give this eyepatch a try! And I hope that it can change your life like it has mine!